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Friday, August 5, 2011

Tarah's feedback on Ashley's: How Gillette's razors are advertised based on gender


Your collage does a great job of being a visual for what the rest of your blog says. The way you positioned your pictures shows the distinct gender separation involved with Gillette razors. I also liked the point you made about how for women, hair removal is a feminine process, and so women's razors reflect this. As for the male side of this, I loved that you incorporated the shark week commercial! I laughed at how outrageous the concept was. My little sister even commented, "yeah, like every man shaves underwater with sharks" (there may be hope for future generations of critical pop culture viewers!). The quote you used to back this up was very relevant to your argument, so you did a great job with that. I'm not sure if the images were cited exactly in MLA format, but we can see what sites you got them from. Other than that, great job with this last blog! Have a nice summer!

:) Tarah

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