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Friday, August 5, 2011

Alexis' Feedback on Danielle's Post: Masculinity Sells: Targeting Males in Beer Ads

When I first opened your blog page I was very surpised to see that we analyzed the same product! We even used the two of the same pictures which I thought was funny. Anyways, I liked the way you chose to analyze the marketing of beer because I feel as though we took somewhat different approaches. 

I really enjoyed the section that talked about the portrayal of the ideal male’s body in some advertisements. Seeing that most men do search for some type of “masculine identity validation” in the products they purchase, it makes sense why a beer advertisement would choose to do this. I also thought you chose very good quotes to back up your ideas. Each one of them seemed to be in the perfect spot.

In regards to something you could have improved upon, I think it would have been appropriate if you included more pictures of men advertising beer in your collages to back up your first point. It may have also been easier to focus on one specific beer brand to target their specific effect on the beer industry in general.

On the whole, I think you did a really great job! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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