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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sarah's Comments on Sam's "Jewelry: Reinforcing Stereotypes"


To begin with I really liked all of the pictures you selected for your collage. All the images were really relevant to the topics you mentioned, and were also very clear cut in the ideas they were trying to portray. I also liked the way in which you examined the gendered female within the jewelry industry and the connection to the Hesse-Biber reading. I thought it was a really interested way to view those images of females and their dependence upon men.

I think that while you had all good parts of a thesis for your paper, they were a bit choppy, and could have been better utilized all together in one “to the point” type of thesis. While I found your quotes to be very well picked, I would have liked to have seen them introduced more into your paragraph.

Overall I thought you did a really great job and your collage and paper made me think a lot about the jewelry industry.

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Silver Gemstone Jewelry said...

Sarah,can you share the link of Sam's "Jewelry: Reinforcing Stereotypes"??