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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kristi's Feedback on Tarah's Analysis of Pretty Little Liars


Your post was incredibly interesting to read, and it is clear that your have very critically examined this episode with much effort. I might even have to tune into this show, because I have never seen lesbians portrayed in a "normal" way on television before.
-The detail you have included really helps the reader create an image of what the episode is trying to depict.
- The second quotation from Lull you have included defining hegemony relates very well to this episode and topic, especially since this series is geared toward young adolescents with minds still open enough for impact.
-I did notice a few grammatical errors, however they were only minor and did not distract from your message.
-The last comment I have is that though your detailed descriptions provide an excellent image of what the television show is about, I do not think the information about the series in the second paragraph is necessary, as well as the series recap in the last paragraph.
Overall, you did a great job with your analysis of Emily as a non traditional female model in the media.

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