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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Brendan's Feedback on Alexis' Post: Constructs of Femininity and Masculinity Portrayed in Desperate Housewives

Having never seen Desperate Housewives, this review makes the show seem almost as terrible as the one I wrote my post on! You did an excellent job selecting a show and episode that could be analyzed within the constructs of masculinity and femininity. The entire story goes from bad to worse to horrible as the female depiction becomes more stereotypical with each passing moment. It was perfect how the readings we have been studying fit exactly into the depiction of femininity on the episode. The overall ideas presented by the readings you chose worked well by providing evidence for your analysis. Gabrielle making the ultimate sacrifice by attending the event "ugly" and "naked" seems almost outrageous when I'm reading your post about it. I'm sure when watching the episode and zoning out it may be easier to not realize how absurd this episode really is.
One thing you might have been able to improve upon was the overall structuring of the post. Instead of making one point and then backing up the point with evidence, it seemed that you made multiple points in a few paragraphs and then did a few paragraphs of analysis afterwords. It just made it slightly harder for me to follow. I had to skim upwards a few times to make sure I knew exactly which part of the show you were referring to. Overall great job! It was a perfect episode and your analysis was spot on.

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