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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Brendan's Feedback on Alexis' Link Hunt Blog Post

     Nice job with your selection of blogs.  All of the links contained blogs that were full of substance and dealt directly with topics that were covered in class.  They were formatted correctly and easy to access.  Desperate Housewives is probably a great topic to analyze in a feminist or gendered way due to the large role it plays in the households of millions of Americans and foreigners around the globe.  The articles dealing with Lynette’s struggle and with “appropriate motherhood” were especially interesting.  The idea of the male gaze and women being the objects that are gazed upon is a great point made by one of the blog posts.  Maybe next time have one or two blogs not relating to the show Desperate Housewives.  I think I’m on overload already.  Awesome job though!

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