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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ashley's feedback on Dan C's: Gendered Consumers- Transformers Action Figures

Dan C,

I really liked this post. I liked how you point out that the female transformers have thin arms, legs, and waist and large breasts. I liked your analysis that since these toys are for male children, the female transformers represent the ideal women the male children should be attracted to. I also thought your overall analysis was well formed. You did a good job incorporating the quotes into the post and making them into their own paragraphs. I thought the quotes you chose were very relevant.
The pictures also helped me visualize the male and female transformers so I could see the masculinity and femininity portrayed in each! 

However, I thought the thesis could have been more focused and specific. The thesis could explain why or how the transformers facilitate normative gender roles.
Other than that, I thought you did a really good job.

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