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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sarah's Comments on Kevin's Blog Post 3: Toy Shopping Field WOrk

Hey Kevin,
Another great blog post!
-The  images incorporated into your blog post were very helpful in grasping the full visuals of what you were discussing for both toys. I also liked that you picked up on details within the images ( ex: you focused not just on the Bratz doll, but on her accessories as well, which I felt were just as important)
-You did a very thorough job in developing the character of Heather, and due to this, I was able to connect really well to the article
- You picked very interesting quotes from our readings and utilized them in a creative manner
-I think that your thesis could have been a little more specific. I felt that although your paper had specific topics, I would have liked to see these introduced from the start.
- The ending conclusion paragraph is not so much a conclusion for the entirety of the blog post, so much as a conclusion for the point you were making about females and the car industry.

I always really like to read your blog posts, you have a very well developed writing style, and your points are very interesting and enlightening. Again, another good job!

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