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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kristi's Feedback on Tarah's Gender Shopping: Pretty Pretty Princess


I absolutely love this post! I had this game as a child, and I remember, just as you said, being bored within the first five minutes of playing with the game.  The example you gave about focusing on Princesses like Princess Diana just goes to show that Hasbro has done little research into forming their product.  I never realized as well that the point of the game was to win over a date with Prince Charming. That just shows, as you said the heteronormative values being placed on young girls, and many if not all of them, simply don’t care.  The young girls just want the jewelry, which is another heteronormative value set in itself.  Your post was very organized and flowed well together, as well as your thesis, which was clear and fluent throughout the post.  You could have also analyzed: What would it mean for a young female to reject the Pretty Pretty Princess game? Or what would it mean if young boys were interested in playing the game?  Awesome job! :)

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