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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pat M. Kirkham and Alex Weller. Cosmetics: A Clinique Case Study.

1. -Clinique products are marketed to men and women separately along the lines of ideological gender differences, because of the fact that skin care products are traditionally considered feminine. (269)
2. -Things like color are used to display seriousness in male advertising and softness in female advertising. (269)
-Many different words and phrases are used to make the product appeal to men. (270)
-Women are made to identify with the product they want and images conjure ideas of freshness, and also sloppy use of the product making it feel more personal. (271)
-The names and labels put on these products also aid to their being gender-specific. (272)
-References to a third person in male advertising suggest that these products will make good gifts, usually from a female who knows more about toiletries. (272)
-This difference in advertising is one way men deal with the anxiety of entering the feminine sphere of toiletries. (273)
3. -By gaining an understanding of the tactics used by advertisers we see how advertisements reinforce traditional ideas about gender. (Implied)
4. -Not stated.

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