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Friday, October 12, 2007

Stephanie H. Girls, Sexuality and Popular Culture

Stephanie Herrick

WGS 220-05

September 24, 2007

Girls, Sexuality and Popular Culture


• Today's culture forces adolescent girls to be sexually exploited, and there is no proper education on how they can learn to be in control of themselves and their sexuality. (22)


• Pop music encourages girls to sell themselves as sexual beings (23)
• Films will frequently put young women in situations where it is "sexy" and "appropriate" to be sexual with a much older man. (23)
• Advertisements, films, music, and other elements of our culture send the message out to young girls that men are entitled to their bodies (23)
• Films where girls have control of their sexuality aren't released or are shown to small audiences (23)
• Females are judged on their sexual appeal, negative feedback can result in poor self-image, eating disorders, and self mutilation (24)


• Females will understand their own sexuality, be able to control it, and understand messages that are sent to them through the media. They will know how to process these messages and challenge them. (23-25)


• Two fold strategy (24)
• Must incorporate all the pro-body teachings feminists currently have and combine them with the tactics of cultural revolution feminists (24)
• Teach girls sex is not shameful, dirty or illicit (24)
• Teach girls they have control over their own bodies (25)
• Challenge and understand media's messages (25)

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