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Friday, October 12, 2007

Jen Hatrak. Linnea Due. Growing Up Hidden pgs 153-154

• The author discusses her sexual identity and how it affected her life, requiring her to hide in order to meet the standards of society and not become ostracized (pg 153).
• She began to reveal her identity, and it was only met with stereotypical negative comments such as, "girls don't need to be strong" and "you won't have a wife, you'll have a husband." (pg 153)
• The author began reading psychology books about homosexuality which stated that homosexuality is a disorder (pg 154)
• The author began to try and hide her sexuality by overcompensating and dressing feminine which was not the way she usually dressed (pg 154)
• (Implied) Be confident with who you are despite the negative and condescending attitudes and comments of others (pg 154)
• (Implied) Teach others in society to accept all people regardless of sexual orientation (pg 154)

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