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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Katie K. Lull. Hegemony. 61-65

Katie Kokoszka
Friday August 31, 2007
WGS 220-05
James Lull. Hegemony. 61-65

• Economic position predicts social differences; certain social groups hold power and dominance over others this is know as hegemony. Pg. 61
• There is concept, called ideological hegemony, where the upper class uses mass media as an instrument in order to "perpetuate their power, wealth, and status by popularizing their own philosophy, culture, and mortality." Pg. 62
• In order for hegemony to succeed, the ideologies must become cultural assumptions. Pg. 62-63
• The mass media has a powerful effect it influences its audience to perceive certain social roles and activities. Pg.62
• Hegemony only fails when social resistance is stronger than the dominant ideologies.
• Implied-- The relationship between ideologies and the effects they have socially has only begun to be examined, therefore there is much to be learn and hard to draw any concrete conclusions.

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