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Monday, April 2, 2007

Class Notes 4/2/07 Group work (Rose "Hidden Politics")

Group Work for 4/2/07

Notes by Katelyn R.

Class Notes

Rose Tricia, "Hidden Politics: Discursive and Institutional Policing of Rap Music," 396-405 (GRCM)


  • Media is associated with the portrayal of rap-related violence which directly relates to the general portrayal of the black community.
  • Hostile environment towards rap creates a hostile rapping community, in turn, this indirectly creates the violence created in much of the music.


  • Music industry and the way music is produced.
  • Police community because they help to create the hostile cycle stated above at many of the rap concerts due to presumptive assumptions and stereotypes.


  • Black community for the defense of rap music and its cause.
  • People who only view rap music as an expression of violence. Serves as an explanation.

Categories to Address

  • Race, Gender, Age

Final Statement

  • The discourse involved with rap concerts and music directly influences the institutions and power which gives people an excuse to discriminate.

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