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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Blogging in College: This week in class...

♦ Before Monday (4/2/07): Click on the technorati link that you added to your blog to check to see if the page that appears on technorati lists your blog (see 'IF IT DOESN'T SHOW YOUR BLOG ON TECHNORATI' below the week's agenda for more instructions).

♦ Monday (4/2/07): The first reading is one we didn't have time to get to last week (but was on the syllabus for last week's classes)

Ch 38, 'Hidden Politics: Discursive and Institutional Policing of Rap Music,' 396-405 (GRCM)

Ch 14, 'Who(se) Am I? The Identity and Image of Women in Hip-Hop,' 136-148 (GRCM)

Ragonese, 'Riot Grrrrls Castrate 'Cock Rock' in New York,' 27-31

♦ Before Thursday (4/5/07):Deadline for applying teamwork to blog is BY THE BEGINNING OF CLASS (10 am) on this date! The readings for this class are included below the teamwork instructions/guidelines.

Choose one item from one team (just one element of one team's work needs to be completed for this assignment, which we discussed on Thursday, during class).

If you need help, contact the appropriate team's liaison for assistance.

Each team's work is on each team's blog (the links for the aforementioned blogs can be found on the big blog, on your team's blog,"...
Blogging in College: The Gender & Pop Culture Blog Experiment:

This week in class...

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