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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Class Notes 3/26/07

Gender and Popular Culture

Class Notes

March 26, 2007

Research Team Presentation:

  • Searched internet for similar blogs/papers to topics in class
  • Found sites that could be used to analyze blogs
  • Each group member had a different category of blog to research (i.e. reality TV, sitcoms, celebrities)
  • – great resource to use when blogging
  • Check out more links at the bottom of the research team’s website to help with blogging; especially library resource links because they resulted in more hits of analytical sites rather than opinionated or fan sites.

Gender meaning – primary category, used for self identification; self – “normative definition”

Messner piece:

Elective affinity – group identity, can be related to “normative definition”

Organized sports = gendered institution

  • Same gender reinforce pressure
  • Gender and class related – increase/decrease with difference in income

i.e. lower class: sports only potential to thrive/make money