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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sam's Feedback on Quay's Swiffer The Women's Dream Cleaner

Good work Quay, this was a good post.
Things you did well:
-Your collage was done well. when I was putting together my pictures I had a hard time getting them to look good but yours looked great and represented you post well.
-I also liked you first paragraph. Giving the reader a little background information on the product you were talking about was a great idea

Thins to work on:
-There were a couple grammatical errors such as one of you sentences is a question and it ends with a period. Just a couple minor things like that.
-The last paragraph you talk about gendered colors. You say its not pink and purple but still represented for women. I think you should have gone a little deeper into this and explained a little more about this.

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