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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Meagan's Feedback on Christian

Saturday, July 10, 2010Meagan's Feedback on Christian

I found every one of your sites very helpful and supporting of the idea of gender popular culture. I especially found the Soulja Boy site very interesting because I, too, find the usage of the word "hoe" was just dramatically overused in that one song. I mean he might as well had said hoe at the end of each bar in the song. I also found the song analysis of the song "angel in the morning" very interesting. Feminism didn't rally strike me as the main concept of the song, maybe I'm wrong but the chick seemed pretty uhhhh, 'horny" if you will. But I gues in the rhelm of breaking a social norm about women being bale to have one night stands, then I guess feminism could be used to explain this phenomenon. Here I am going on and on about the feminism site, I forgot to mention the Top Chef one. I found it hard to point out exactly what it had to do with gender popular culture. Maybe its me, but all the others sort of jumped out to me and this one, although interesting to read, didn't necessarily touch on the gender popular culture for me. Otherwise, you did a really great job!! Thanks for allowing me to read blog buddy

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