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Monday, May 10, 2010

Link Hunt Assignment

Gather Links on 5 of the topics you listed on your brainstorming sheet.
Title of blog post (which should be  be linked to the URL by clicking on the link button in the new post at the top of the editing box, then type the title of the site for the page you have found, and copy and paste the URL into the link field by "web adddress," then click "OK.")
Date of Blog Post
Paste the URL of blog post below the linked title (yes, it's a second time)
Author of Blog Post (or username if that's all that's included for the author)
Title of blog that the post originated from (not the post's title, but the bigger body of blogging-work)

For Example:
HBO declares "Women's Studies" major

[date of post]
Judy Berman

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