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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ron P. Ragonese. Riot Grrrls Castrate "Cock Rock" in New York (27-31).

Ron Parks

November 20, 2007

WGS 220-05

Ragonese. Riot Grrrls Castrate “Cock Rock” in New York (27-31).


-Radical feminist activist group Riot Grrrl NYC protested against K-Rock for its highly male dominated playlist (27).


-Protest drew much criticism, ranging from friendly criticism to insidious remarks (27).

-K-Rock downplayed the protest, making “nasty, sexist, homophobic, and irritating” remarks on-air (28).

-DJs were told to put protest on air to “make fun of it”, in turn allowed protestors to spread their message over the air (28-29).


-Play more music created by women (29).

-Remove sexist/homophobic dialogue/programming from the media, specifically radio (29).


-Urged girls to play guitar, start girl bands, explore pro-girl and queer-friendly record labels (31).

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