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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mike Garcia. Kirkham, Pat and Alex Weller. "Cosmetics: A Clinique Case Study". 268-273


- Advertising towards men and women require using gendered stereotypes based on binary

oppositions in order to identify a specific target market which in turn reinforces and

accelerates those gendered stereotypes (273)


- Colors are used to differentiate between gender – Men = gray/black/white => rational and

objective tone of male – Female = pastel light colors=> delicate/passive/soft (269)

- Amount of information supplied – Men = factual information in a direct style to help

reassure men about the product – Female = no information at all => women learned as young girls

the uses/benefits of these products (270)

- The language/written text in men's products include those of science and rationalism

= "simple" "unscented" " robust" "quickly" => suggest health, strength and speed (270)


- Not stated


- Not stated

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