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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Duffy. "Cosmetics: A Clinique Case Study"

Clare Duffy
October 12, 2007
WGS 220 Section 05
Kirkham & Weller. “Cosmetics: A Clinique Case Study”

· Noticeable difference in way Clinique products marketed to men and women which reinforce gender stereotypes (268)

· women choose based on both ads and products’ packaging (268)
o look at cost, appearance, smell (268)
· colors different for each market (269)
o Men’s products-grey or blue bottles
o Women-pastel and soft colors
· Soaps different shapes (269)
o Women-rounder, softer shape
o Men-flat, no color
· Factual advertisements for males (269)
o Wants male products to be defined as serious business so include more information surrounding product than women’s advertisements do
o Female advertisements-no information (270)
§ Expect consumers to learn it from earlier generation of consumers
· Men’s products labeled Male (272)
o Denoted by M
§ Supposed to convey a sense of masculinity
· Female products not labeled female (272)
o Clinique products assumed to be for women unless otherwise noted
· Products considered female need legitimating before entering male arena (273)

· Keep stereotyping out of advertising (implied)
o Eliminate the need to differentiate male and female markets and products

· Not stated

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