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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ron Parks--Gilman. Klaus Barbie , and Other Dolls I’d Like to See. (72-75).

Ron Parks
September 22, 2007
WGS 220-05
Gilman. Klaus Barbie, and Other Dolls I'd Like to See. (72-75).

• Barbie dolls instill a false sense of beauty and value in young girls in
their early childhood (73).
• In today's society, looks define ones status and worth (73).
• The "Barbie Effect" has caused girls to believe that if they don't look
like Barbie, they are not beautiful or valuable (73).
• Girls form their dreams of what beauty is based on Barbie dolls (73).
• Barbie's pick up where Hitler left off--they carry on the Aryan race (73).
• Ethnic Barbie dolls are marked as "special" or "limited edition", making
it clear that dolls that are not blonde haired, blue eyed and white are
not the "standard" (74).
• Barbie implies that beauty is more important than brains (74).
• Dolls that expand girls' vision of beauty and value (74).
• Produce Barbie dolls that teach value, such as "Working Barbie", "Barbie
Business", and more ethnically diverse Barbie's that are not marketed as
"special" or "limited edition" (74).

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