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Monday, October 15, 2007

Rachel S. Gilman, Susan Jane. Klaus Barbie and other dolls I'd like to see. Pg. 72-75.

• Dolls are girls' first impressions of what is considered to be beautiful and Barbie dolls give girls an impression of an unattainable, Aryan image. (pg. 73)

• Barbies are more of an "adult cult and aesthetic obsession" than merely a children's toy. (pg. 73)
• All of the different Barbie dolls that have ever been introduced from different backgrounds than the traditional blonde, Aryan Barbie depiction have been labeled as "special" or "limited edition" thus characterizing them as "other." (pg. 74).

• Barbies need to serve the purpose of expanding girls' images of what is beautiful, rather than constricting them. (pg. 74)

• New models of Barbie dolls should be created, in all ethnicities, shapes and sizes. (pg. 74-75)

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