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Monday, October 8, 2007

Adam M. Judit Moschkovich. But I know You, American Woman. Pages 83-89.

Adam Mamawala


WGS 220-05


· Americans are often too ignorant to acknowledge the truth about other cultures and to disavow their previously believed stereotypes. Because of this, those people living in America from other cultural backgrounds often feel misunderstood or believe that they must disregard their heritage in some way.


· The disparity of knowledge regarding other cultures is one of the reasons that oppression occurs. Because many Americans do not understand the intricacies of other cultures, they assume that what is different is wrong, and treat people accordingly (p.83).

· While it would be unfair to equate all Americans with imperialist and racist ideologies, one would be justified in accusing Americans who do not attempt to understand “non-dominant” cultures as being responsible for their own lack of transformation (p.85).

· Regardless of its form or intensity, oppression is oppression. Comparing different types of oppression is futile unless one understands the aforementioned idea (p.86).


· Society should get past the point of being forced to explain and defend each person’s different cultures. Even if one cannot comprehend every facet of other cultures, understanding that this comprehension is difficult to attain can be important (p.88).


· The learning process must be a sharing experience, in which people of all backgrounds and cultures openly and freely discuss their customs and beliefs in an environment that is not oppressive. This can only be achieved when a deep level of respect and understanding is developed.

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