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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Joe V. Moschkovich, Judit. "-But I Know You, American Woman"

Joe Valenzuela
September 18, 2007
WGS 220-05
Moschkovich, Judit. "-But I Know You, American Woman"
• Cultural ignorance among American women perpetuates cultural oppression. (pg. 83)
• American media and culture promotes a cultural ignorance towards other culture. (pg. 83)
• Cultural isolationism allows Americans to have a disconnect from their actions and the repercussions of those actions around the world. (pg. 84)
• Oppression of culture is similar to the patriarchy a woman must endure. (pg.84)
• Americans base the cultural identities of others on unproven stereotypes and selective historical information. (pg. 85)
• While America knows little of other cultures, American mass media is pervasive globally (pg. 85)
• Americans expect immigrants to do away with their previous cultural identity and adopt the American way of life. (pg. 87)
• A world in which individual cultures could be celebrated for their own eccentricities. (pg. 88)
• People must learn about culture aside from their own. (pg. 88)
• People must respect each others' cultures without the agenda of trying to indoctrinate their own. (pg.88)

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