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Monday, October 22, 2007

Joe Coleman Wolf outline

Joe Coleman
Outline for Wolf
October 2, 2007

The obsessions with the beauty ideology in female society has been the hardest to shake for the activists.
· Women have come a long way coming into contemporary times, but older women feel burnt out after their battles and the younger women are wrapped up with their obsessions with beauty.
· Cosmetic surgery is the fastest growing form of medical specialty.
· The myth, as described by wolf, is very feudal, if not caveman.

She gives examples of other triumph for women, like Ibsen’s Nora slamming the door on the Doll’s House. She cites the beauty issue as near impossible to drop. There is no real shock that can jump people out of their indifference or obsession.

Women need “a new way to see”. I suppose this means publications that are not so superficial and get to the real idea of what life is about. It also can be educating women and trying to educate others.

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