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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Jill L. Foucault. "Method."92-102.

Jillian Limone
October 16, 2007
Gender and Popular Culture: section 5
Foucault. "Method."92-102.

• Rule, domination and law do not define power but rather they are the forms power takes, in which "institutional crystallization is embodied in the state apparatus," among various social hegemonies. (92-93)
• Power is not something that is acquired, seized or shared. (94)
• Power is exercised from "innumerable points." (94)
• Relations of power are the immediate effects of the divisions, inequalities, and disequilibrium. (94)
• Power relations are "intentional and nonsubjective." (94)
• Power comes from the bottom and reacts on more limited groups to the very depths of the social body. (94)
• Where there is power, there is resistance and deception. (95)
• One is always "inside" power, there is no "escaping" it and there is no outside power. (95)
• People must decipher power mechanisms as well as not look who has the power nor who is deprived of it. (97, 99)
• "No strategy could achieve comprehensive effects if did not gain support from precise and tenuous relations serving, not as its point of application or final outcome, but as a prop and anchor point." (99)

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