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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jill L. anastasia higginbotham, teen mags, 93-96

Jillian Limone
October 2, 2007
Gender and Popular Culture: section 5
Anastasia Higginbotham. Teen Mags: How to Get a Guy, Drop 20 Pounds, and Lose Your Self- Esteem. 93-96.
• Teen Magazines tell young girls how to make themselves prettier, cooler, better and more like that image of "an ideal girl" instead of exploring the reality of true girlhood.
• Teen magazines provide "hints and tips" to be successful in the social world. (93)
• The magazines provide girls how to be super sexy but then do not continue with safety skills, self defense or self esteem articles. (95)
• Provide contradictory articles relating to diets and boy-related problems. (95)
• Reinforce many negative stereotypes of women in today's society. (95)
• The provide unrealistic size requirements for girls, racist definitions of beauty as well as stress the importance of make-up, hair dos and prom queen. (96)
• Magazines need to reflect the true reality of girls' lives and the constant pressures from society that they face.
• Magazines need to inject "real life stories" of girlhood and provide articles that every girl can relate to.

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