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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Jen Hatrak Pat Kirkham and Alex Weller Cosmetics, A Case Study. pgs 268-273

Jennifer Hatrak
October 12, 2007
WGS 220-01 Gender and Pop Culture
Pat Kirkham and Alex Weller. Cosmetics, A Case Study. Pgs 268-273

• The authors discuss the gendering of Clinique products for men and women which illustrates the stereotypical gender roles for men and women; forcing men and women to comply to certain standards of beauty set forth by society (pg 268)
• The advertising of the products is gendered – for women, products are soft colors, the typical Clinique light green on most bottles, and for men it is a gray or blue color (pg 269)
• Language used to sell the products is also gendered- men's products are sold with words expressing strength and business, while women's products are sold with without expressing words and just shown the product (pg 270)
• Women taught that by using the product they will be more beautiful and sexual, men are told that one can still be masculine by using the product; even featuring explicitly male actors for the commercials (pg 271)
• Not stated; just lists the gendered differences
• Not stated; just lists the gendered differences

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