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Sunday, October 7, 2007

"Girls, Sexuality, and Pop Culture"

Clare Duffy
September 25, 2007
WGS 220 Section 05
“Girls, Sexuality and Popular Culture”

· Culture subliminally exploits sexuality of young girls (p5)
· Movies, talk radio, music industry, etc. all guilty
· Girls don’t choose to be sexual (p3)
o Culture recognizes no difference between adult and child female sexuality
· Girls dehumanized (p4)
o Treatment not recognized as abuse because girls not viewed as human beings
· Taught to exist in relation to males (p4)
o Receiving attention from older men perceived as empowerment
· Girls challenge stereotypes and control their own sexuality (p5)
o Realize that are in control of body and is not inappropriate to talk about sex and sexuality
· Sex education supplied by schools or by female adults (p5)
o Explain that sex is not taboo
§ Allow sexual terms to be part of young girl’s vocabulary
o Warn against men who take advantage of young girls
o Include concept that pop culture devalues women

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