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Friday, September 28, 2007

Tom S, Moschkovich. --But I Know You, American Woman

Tom Schleicher
September 18, 2007
WGS 220 Section 05
Moschkovich, Judit. –But I Know You, American Woman. 83-89.
Lack of knowledge about other cultures is one of the basis of cultural
oppression (83)
Women not responsible for own ignorance, but for the transformation of it
Not the duty of the oppressed to educate the oppressor (83)
Hard to give information when asked in a belittling way (84)
Culture oppression compared to male oppression over women (84)
Culture-less vacuum is American culture that turns a blind eye to
ignorance about other cultures (85)
Does not stereotype Americans, but does classify those who don't do
anything to "prove her wrong" with the stereotype (85)
Latin America is dominated by American mass culture (85)
Latin and Anglo culture are quite different (86)
Sexist oppression occurs everywhere (86)
Most of Latin America is colonized by the US (86)
Women's culture in every society (86)
Cannot keep or discard culture (87)
To understand the plight of the immigrant one must experience it (87)
Anglo-women trying to construct a new culture make it just as oppressive
as a patriarchal one (87)
Get past the point of having to explain and defend different cultures (88)
Learn about other cultures as a sharing experience (88)

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