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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Newman Ch. 3 Portraying Difference pgs 71-105 Jen Hatrak

Jennifer Hatrak
September 10, 2007
WGS 220-01 Gender and Pop Culture
Newman. Ch. 3. Portraying Difference. Pgs 71-105


• Newman describes stereotypes, mostly racial, found in mainstream media,
and seeks to dispel these stereotypes and false representations of groups
of people (pg 73)
• Symbols are powerful in that they can bring people together or separate
people (pg 74)
• Language can be hegemonic (implied) and dominant when using negative
stereotypical words to describe people or groups of people (pgs 76, 77)
• Media plays a large role in construction of gender stereotyping and
construction of gender (pg 89)
• According to Newman, a society where the media does not portray people
in a stereotypical view, and getting rid of the social hierarchies and
categories which are used in society (pg 104)
• Understanding that the media's portrayal of certain groups are
stereotypes, i.e. awareness and consciousness raising, and understanding
of the 'othered' in society by listening (pg 105)

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