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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mary S. Moschkovich - "But I Know You, American Woman" (Pages 83-89) (Mary Shaw)

Mary Shaw
September 18, 2007
Gender and Pop Culture (WGS220-05)
Moschkovich - "But I Know You, American Woman" (Pages 83-89 of This Bridge Called My back: Writings By Radical Women of Color)

- The US tends to be very ignorant society when it comes to other cultures (whether it be due to our education system, the way we raise our children, or the ideals and beliefs we promote), making us a very culturally oppressive group (Page 83).

- The education system and way of life in the US puts forth a sort of "cultural isolationism" so that we grow up with a small bit of respect but not much concern for other cultures (Page 84).
- People of other cultures, when living in the US, are living in an "American culture", one that makes them speak and act in a certain way and does not accommodate for differences (Page 84).
- The problem is not America itself, nor the people in it, but the way these people do not try to reform their ignorance, making them remain imperialistic and racist (Page 85).

- The author hopes that we will some day get to the point where we don't have to explain and defend ourselves or our cultures (Page 88).

- We must utilize education and a shared learning experience, so that no one group is taking full responsibility for changing the system and so that everyone has an equal amount of respect (Page 88).

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