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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Paulo Freire. Pedagogy of the Oppressed (Mike Garcia)

Mike Garcia
September 18, 2007
WGS 220-05
Paulo Freire. Pedagogy of the Oppressed. 5-23.

• The contradiction between the oppressors and the oppressed is imbedded
in both of their lives to the extent where revolution is misconstrued and
feared by the oppressed

• Because this contradiction is ingrained in their lives the oppressed
have a tendency to become oppressors themselves – their model of humanity
• Fear of greater oppression prohibits a revolution by the oppressed (8)
• Oppressed suffer from a duality where they yearn for and fear freedom (8)
• Once the oppressed attain freedom, the oppressors now feel like the
oppressed – unending contradiction (15)
• For the oppressors "to be is to have" and with this mentality any
generosity shown is false (16)
• The influence of this contradiction fools the oppressed into thinking
that this way of life is a divine plan (18)
• Dependence leads the oppressed to destroy their own life and lives of
fellow oppressed (20)

• The contradiction between the oppressed and oppressors will be destroyed
and both will live equally, having achieved freedom

• The oppressed need be the ones to rid of the contradiction – oppressor
is unable (8)
• The desire for freedom must be shared by all of the oppressed – a
pedagogy must be created with the oppressed (8-9)
• Love can be achieved through rebellion (14)
• Oppressors must commit themselves to be the oppressed where constant
reexamination is required – drastic change (17)
• Reflection is imperative – leads to action – leads to freedom (21)

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