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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Reading Outline 4/5/07: ragonese, marisa. Riot Grrrls Castrate "Cock Rock"

Description: The article describes the radio station K-Rock’s almost exclusively male music library as problematic, because girls listening to the radio station are being told that men can be rock stars and women can’t. The article also states that there are plenty of girlbands out there so K-Rock can’t use the excuse that there aren’t any girl rock bands to play.

For the most part this article seems to be more focused on what can be done to change the current situation rather than why the current situation exists.

Vision: The author’s goal is the inclusion of women’s rock into mainstream radio. The songs played on the radio should be half written by men and half by women. Some of the signs held by the protestors like “Castrate Cock Rock” imply that the author might actually want there to be predominantly girlbands played on the radio, but it’s also possible they were being extreme to get their point across.

Strategy: The way to get radio stations like K-Rock to play more girlbands is to demand that they do. People interested in the inclusion of women’s rock on the radio need to “jam the airwaves with requests for girlbands.” If the rock industry is shown that there is a demand for girlbands to be played on the radio then there is a better chance that some might get played and eventually there will be gender equality in the rock music played on the radio.