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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Class Notes 4/2/07 Group work (Ragonese, "Riot Grrrls Castrate 'Cock Rock' in New York")

  • "Feminist punk-rock dyke activist/aspiring academic separatist riot grrrls" want to see more female rock artists being played on the air (92.3 K Rock in particular)
  • On one popular rock station in NYC (K Rock), 99.12% of music played is by male artists.
  • Feminist protesters argued that in addition to females being discriminated against on the air, wmoen were also being degraded on the rock stations talk shows( ie: Howard Stern Morning Show)
Audience Targeted:
  • Protesters are targeting women who are not equally represented on the popular rock stations.
  • Also targeting all groups who experience inequality in the music industry.
  • All aspects of radio station (music playlists, DJ's talk shows) were sending misogynist, anti-feminist/anti-women messages to listeners.
    • DJ's were all males with exception of one.
    • DJ's mocked feminist protesters; calling them names, etc.
    • Howard Stern Show- show's content is degrading to women.
-Miss Nooch