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Friday, March 9, 2007

Class Notes 2/19/07

Class Notes 2/19/07

Bornstein quiz results
• number of forms of oppression (surprising in variety of oppressions)
• not realizing how privileged you are until seeing ones that you were unaware of
• tend to think of selves in the worst of the categories, but don't take into account the other categories
intersex (sexual identity - kind of biological)- not just two sexes or genders
gender-typically considered w/in realm of social/environment (pink/blue) society creation
sex- biological organs/hormones/repro capacity

social stigma/embarrassment/value-laden notion of sex/gender
• "feeling bad about guess the wrong gender"
• "insulted" for being mistaken as wrong gender
• tendency to adhere to categories even when there is no rational reason to do it
• connotations- power
• men have power and probably won't want to be mistaken for woman b/c of the power relinquishment and social consideration of men vs. women
• beauty ideals
Cosmo and other magazines are built on the ideal of femininity
beauty tips for women (these magazines are not intended for a male audience)
Sex and image and sexuality and femininity are all linked to these ideals--external--
women (in the media-magazine sense) aren't valued for their brains...?
-girls cheerleading
-beauty pageants
*the time involved in thinking or doing "the beauty ideal" is not time spent on other (more intellectual endeavors)
*prom - 1/2 days for getting ready (geared toward the girls- hair makeup nails, etc)
2 part term (the two meanings apply)
privileging heterosexual identities and dismissive of all others
also encompassing the realm of sexism and gender-related oppression

Bornstein Quiz Questions
• set of responses was either too comprehensive or too specific, or too broad when they should have been more specific
• should have been option does not apply/N/A
• Scoring N/A type responses would be problematic
• census or driver's license forces the response

Jessie G (Note Taker Du Jour)

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